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Where can you combine one of the world’s favorite beverages, fun, and education all in one? Of course, with a visit to World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta, Georgia! This sprawling museum in downtown Atlanta has plenty of interactive fun and yes, even taste testing and 365Tickets has all the tips you need.

World of Coca-Cola Location

Located conveniently next to the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta’s Centennial Park District, there are tons of public transit options that can get you to the museum. You can also drive as parking garages in the area are plentiful. Parking garage fees vary by hour at different locations so research ahead of time and decide which garage is best.

What to Expect

As soon as you enter the museum, quench your thirst! As you enter, World of Coca-Cola gives out complimentary sodas to every guest. You’ll have a choice between Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Coke Zero Sugar, and Coca-Cola Life. You’ll be able to also get up close to the designs that captured the hearts of everyone during the 1996 Summer Olympic Games that were held in Atlanta.

This museum will have you looking at some of the most iconic commercials, billboards, and advertisements for Coca-Cola. The Loft, another area of the museum, houses over 200 national and international artifacts of Coca-Cola history. You’ll find posters, lighted signs, glass bottles, commercials, hats, and so much more as you explore.

The Secret Recipe

What would this museum be like if you didn’t get in on some secret action? You will find yourself at the doors to the Vault of the Secret Formula. Over the years, many soda manufacturers have tried to duplicate the taste of Coca-Cola, but none know that exact formula to make it.

One of the most highly guarded secrets, this vault is fully protected. However, the folks at the Coca-Cola museum have turned this area into a fully immersive experience. You can experience the Virtual Taste Maker, the Bubble-izer, The Triangle Room, Secure Train Car, and Bank Vault. Fun fact: The Triangle Room, Secure Train Car, and Bank Vault are all locations where the secret formula has been kept over the years.

How to Bottle Coca-Cola

How about learning the mechanics? You can do that here too! By taking a visit to Bottle Works, you can see the process of how the product goes from batch to bottle. The folks at World of Coca-Cola have slowed down the bottling process for guests to get an up close look at what goes on behind the scenes at Coca-Cola bottling plants across the world.

He’s pretty much a celebrity when it comes to Coca-Cola and we’ve all come to know and love him, it’s the iconic Coca-Cola Polar Bear and he is ready to meet you! You can use your cell phone or have the camera operator take a professional shot of you with this legend. He appears throughout the day and guests can purchase their pictures with him. What a unique souvenir.

A Pop Culture Icon

Coca-Cola has become a staple in pop culture as well, and you guessed it, this museum has pieces that you’ve seen in television, movies, and more. Take a seat on the couch used during season four of American Idol, create your own Coke bottle, share your memories about Coke, and learn about Coca-Cola’s campaigns across the globe.

Have a Taste

You’ve probably been wondering when you will get a chance to taste some soda, right? Well this museum will definitely not disappoint you. Welcome to Taste It! In this portion of the attraction, get your taste buds ready. There are over 100 different types of international and domestic flavors of Coca-Cola to try. Some of the popular international flavors include Beverly (Italy), Sparletta Strawberry (Africa), Bibo Candy Pine Nut (Africa), Thums Up (India), Fanta Pineapple (Greece), Inca Kola (Peru), Guarana Kuat (Brazil), and Fanta Melon Frosty (Thailand).

If you are curious about one of the globe’s most famous soft drinks, a visit to this place is a definite must when you are venturing to the Atlanta area. Head over to 365Tickets USA to book your experience today.


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