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So you’re staying in San Diego and you’re looking for something to do that’s different. You’re tired of the typical vacation places and you want to learn. Why not pay a visit and pay your respects to those who fought for freedom on the USS Midway?

The Life of the USS Midway

Aerial View USS Midway San Diego 365 TicketsThe USS Midway was an active duty aircraft carrier from 1945 to 1992. Her decks were home to many men and women over the years who did all the could for their country and her freedom. When you first step aboard her, take a moment and take it all in. She is massive!

Located on Navy Pier, her home is easily accessible by mass transit and parking is available on site for $10 for 12 hours. The museum is open from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM daily. The museum is closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas.

The Massive Hangar Deck

With so much to see and many exhibits, why not head to the hangar deck first. The hangar deck looks massive, but keep in mind, the flight deck had to be clear of any plane not in use. This space on the ship was used to store planes of all shapes and sizes. The hangar deck is home to some of Midway’s artifacts, museum stories, and more.

The hangar deck also gives guests access to the anchor room or fo’c’sle. The big anchor chain is on display, be careful where you step! The Combat Information Center, or the CIC, is available to see. Head to the CIC to see just how combat operations were planned. Be sure to also check out the helicopter history exhibit.

Going Below DeckUSS Midway Museum San Diego 365 Tickets

Below deck is where you’ll find all the things that are needed to keep this city at sea afloat! You can visit the chow line and galley, the chapel, the wardroom, the sick bay and dentist office, and the engineering room. You’ll also see the beds were sailors slept, trust me, we couldn’t sleep in those tiny beds!

The Flight Deck

Up on the flight deck, now is your chance to explore the day to day area where flight operations took place. You’ll be able to visit the island, where all air traffic was monitored and the bridge, where the ships navigator planned and charted her course. You’ll also get up close to over 26 aircraft from jet fighters to helicopters.

If you think the kiddos will find all the history a little bit boring, make sure to stop at the information booth on board the ship and get them a children’s audio tour, narrated by airman Sam Rodriguez. Throughout the ship, Rodriguez will have tasks for your child to do. Once you finish the tour, head back to the information booth and have your child hand in their sheet of answers. An easy souvenir awaits them as the docent who works the booth will have junior pilot wings waiting on them!

The USS Midway also has special events throughout the year where they honor all those who served aboard her. If you can visit on Veteran’s Day, 4th of July, or during Legacy Week, you’ll certainly have a different experience.

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