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Disneyland Paris Fast Pass Tips

Disneyland Paris Characters

All Disneyland Paris tickets come with a free FastPass, which allows you to skip the queues on some of the most popular rides. Here are some hints on how to make the most of your FastPass:

  • Before you go, print out a map that shows you where rides are situated, and note where your favorites are.
  • Exchange your e-ticket (printed) for an actual Disneyland Paris ticket.
  • Use the information board at each park, which indicates the standard ticket and FastPass waiting times. Choose carefully – you probably don’t want to get a FastPass at 10 am that you can’t use until 2 pm, especially since you can’t get another until the first one is used. The Disneyland® Park board is near the Central Plaza, and the Studios board is close to the Mickey and Walt statues.
  • To maximize the number of rides you can fit in one day, combine the FastPass ticket with actually queuing for rides with shorter waiting times.
  • FastPass machines are located next to the ride entrances for those offering the FastPass option*
  • Insert your Disneyland® Paris entrance ticket, annual passport or re-admission ticket into the FastPass machine and slowly swipe or scan your ticket through the machine. You will then be issued with a FastPass ticket from the dispenser below.
  • You will be given a half hour time slot when you can return to join the FastPass queue for your selected ride. Staff can refuse entry after your time slot has expired, at their discretion, and you can’t enter a queue before your allotted time.
  • Another FastPass ticket can only be obtained once the previous ticket has been used, or during the its designated time slot. You can, however, hold a FastPass for both parks at the same time if you want to park hop.
  • Anyone can use the FastPass tickets of those who don’t wish to ride.
  • As you are limited to how many FastPass tickets you can have, try to ensure the shortest possible times between actual and FastPass times. If they are distant, return later in the day.
  • Often, on busy days, the FastPass tickets run out, so pick up as many as you can, as early as you can.
  • One person can collect all the tickets for a group, but if there are more than four of you, it’s best to split them between two people to avoid annoying those waiting behind you!

*Rides offering the FastPass® option

Disneyland Paris Park

  • Indiana Jones (Adventureland)
  • Star Tours (Discoveryland)
  • Buzz Lightyear (Discoveryland)
  • Space Mountain – Mission 2 (Discoveryland)
  • Big Thunder Mountain (Frontierland)
  • Peter Pan’s Flight (Fantasyland)

Walt Disney Studios Park

  • Rock’n’Roller Coaster
  • Twilight Zone Tower of Terror
  • Flying Carpets
  • Ratatouille

Currently, the three most popular FastPass rides are Space Mountain, Buzz Lightyear’s Laser Blast and Big Thunder Mountain. Book Disneyland Paris Tickets with 365 TIckets USA.


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