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The Newseum – An Inside Look at the World of Global Journalism

Megan Roche December 26, 2018

The news is everywhere these days. We can get it on our smart phone, through social media, and the good old fashioned news cast at 5:00 PM. If you are interested in the history of journalism, this museum in Washington DC is for you.

A Celebration of Freedom at The Newseum

The Newseum, located at 555 Pennsylvania Ave NW, is just one block away from the National Mall and  is open Monday through Saturday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM and Sunday from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM. The Newseum is closed on New Years Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

This seven floor museum offers visitors a real life look into the world of journalists and news. The museum gives visitors the chance to fully immerse themselves in the world of news and how news is created. Newseum Washington DC Fake News Exhibit

There are also nods throughout the museum to some of the world’s biggest news stories (think 9/11, the Challenger explosion, etc) and how they were covered all around the globe.

Our Favorite Spot

One of our favorite spots in the museum was the seventh floor where there is a beautiful balcony that is great for photos. From the balcony, guests can see the US Capitol Building that sits just a few blocks away. Make sure you have your cameras ready!

The museum can be lengthy to get through and what’s great about the Newseum is that every ticket is a two day admission ticket. Employees at the museum recommend going through the entire place on day one. Then decide which areas of interest you want to delve deeper into for day two at the museum.

The Newseum is definitely a great experience for every age and every family. The museum is home to lots of interactive exhibits. As a journalist myself, I found one of the most fun experiences at the NBC News Interactive Newsroom exhibit.

This interactive area offers guests the chance to experience the pressure of deadlines and put their journalism skills to the test. Here’s your chance to become the next Bob Woodward or Robin Roberts.

During Times of War and Peace

Newseum in Washington DC Exhibit Celebrating JournalismThrough the efforts of the Newseum, the team has accrued many artifacts from all different times of war and peace. In the 9/11 Gallery, visitors can get up close with the broadcast antenna that was on top of the World Trade Center. Do you remember the Unabomber?

The Newseum has the original cabin he lived in as he was carrying out his horrific acts of terror. Remember Watergate? The original hotel door calls the Newseum home complete with the caution tape and evidence stickers still on it.

As the team works to remind it’s visitors about free press, one of the most poignant pieces of freedom of speech comes at the main entrance. The pieces of the Berlin Wall represent what being free and not free meant during the Cold War.

Education + Memorial

The educational museum also serves as a memorial for journalists who were killed while on assignment. Many journalists cover stories that put them in harms way with wars, terrorist attacks, cold cases, and more. The massive memorial has names added each year to give visitors the opportunity to remember that the news coverage does come with a price sometimes.

Be sure to take advantage of your two day ticket in to the Newseum. New exhibits are added each year as news events take place. To begin your journey, head over to 365 Tickets USA to get your Newseum tickets today.

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