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As we once again are reminded of the events that took place on September 11, this moving memorial to the victims and the heroes, continues to examine the impact of that fateful day. One of our country’s biggest tragedies is profiled with a visit to the 9/11 Memorial Museum, and a new exhibit has opened that looks at the role of sports, patriotism and recovery.

Sports Brings Us Together

After the attacks in 2001, the entire country needed to heal. Thousands of lives were lost and many were left with questions, missing family members, or in shock. Since that day, sports played a massive role in the healing process.

Through the work of the 9/11 Memorial, the role of storytelling and the process of never forgetting what happened on that sunny Tuesday are an integral part of the museum. Throughout the museum, visitors can learn about the attacks, the recovery, and much more about that day.

Comeback Season: Sports After 9/11  helps to educate all visitors on the impact that sports had on all those who were affected by the terrorist attacks.

9/11 Memorial Museum in Nine Chapters

The exhibition is told in nine chapters, starting with the immediate stoppage of all sports throughout the country. In the days following the attacks, sports was the last thought on anyone’s mind. Slowly but surely, sports came back and began the healing process for not only New Yorker’s, but Americans as a whole.9/11 Memorial Museum New York Exhibit

While in the exhibit, you’ll see artifacts from some of the greatest moments in sports like New York Mets Catcher, Mike Piazza’s jersey. Piazza is famous for hitting the first home run in New York when baseball returned after the attacks.

More Than Baseball – NASCAR Played a Role

If baseball isn’t your thing, don’t worry. There is something for every sports fan throughout the exhibit. More of a NASCAR fan? The hood of Ken Schrader’s American Flag painted car can be viewed. Hockey your thing? Mark Messier’s jersey from the first home New York Rangers game is on display as well.

One of New York’s signature events, the New York Marathon, is also profiled throughout the space. The marathon was run on Nov. 4 2001, a mere two months after the attacks. You’ll learn the story of Robert Peraza, a bond trader at Cantor Fitzgerald, who was killed in the attacks and how his Uncle ran the race for him.

A Personal Perspective9/11 Museum and the Role of Sports in America

The exhibition is also home to first person testimony of what sports meant to professional athletes, coaches, family members and survivors of the attacks. There is also footage of the games that helped bring sports back and some of the healing that the victories provided.

Pro sports is not the only thing though. Visitors to the exhibition will also learn about victims of the attacks who were amateur athletes and how sports shaped them as a person. Family members also share their memories of those they may have lost and how sports helped them to heal following the attacks.

The exhibition does require a separate ticket to enter, but the ticket is included in the general admission price. If you’re planning your visit now, go to 365 Tickets USA and be sure to check combo tickets for great deals in New York City!


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