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The greater Los Angeles area offers an abundance of sights to see. Sometimes it can be challenging to pick and choose. Recently, we went on a journey to the USS Iowa, also known as BB 61, to get a glimpse into a time in history many weren’t privy to. This was a truly unique experience, and one we highly recommend! Here’s a little play-by-play of what you can expect.

USS Iowa and the Port of Los Angeles

Step aboard history when you tour the only battleship in the world with a full-size bathtub! The USS Iowa is berthed in the Port of Los Angeles and is the perfect place for some rich history and family fun combined.

The Port of Los Angeles can be tricky to navigate, so make sure to follow the signage that leads you to USS Iowa. Parking does come with a minimal fee but is ample in the area near the ship. Once out of the car, head right over to the ticket booth and step aboard!

The entire tour is self-guided, although the battleship does have an interactive app and a scavenger hunt for the little ones in the family. Be sure to wear sensible shoes, as there is lots of climbing, mostly through very tight and high spaces.

Be Sure to Use the App

By downloading the USS Iowa app, which is available on both iOS and Android app stores, you’ll learn much more about the history of the ship, where she saw battle, and the heroes who called her home. The interactive app also allows guests to simulate firing the guns on board.

While the tour is self-guided, volunteers are available throughout the tour route, many of whom served aboard BB 61. These tour guides can give guests behind-the scenes, up close and personal look at wartime aboard a massive battleship. The volunteers will often speak about life aboard a “floating city” and the feelings of being a sailor during those times.

Please Take Photos!

Once on board the ship, guests are encouraged to take as many photos and videos as they please. From visiting the bed and bathroom where Franklin Roosevelt stayed on board to visiting the galley and mess deck, guests are brought back to a time where war was imminent.

The museum ends with a gift shop, where almost all purchases made are donated back to the ship to help with her upkeep, as she is 75 years old!

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