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Six Travel Tips for Your Visit to Disney World in Orlando!

Megan Roche January 4, 2019

Disney World: The most magical place on Earth. We just returned from a trip to Orlando and we’re bringing back tips on how to visit in the semi tropical weather that Florida enjoys. These six tips will help you make the most of your trip to see Mickey Mouse and his friends, all while staying cool, calm, and collected.

Tip #1 Drink Water During Your Visit to Disney World

Florida can be overwhelmingly hot this time of year, so remember to carry water. Disney World does allow guests to bring their own water into the parks. We even invested in reusable ice cubes to freeze the night before we went to the parks. Disney will also give you free cups of ice water at any quick service restaurant so don’t be afraid to take advantage.

Tip #2 Afternoon Showers

High temps and humidity are the perfect recipe for an afternoon shower or two. As you start to see dark clouds roll in, try to find an indoor attraction to visit. We also carried ponchos with us to every park. You never know when you might need it. The plus of Florida showers is that they usually only last for a solid 15-20 minutes before the sun comes back out.

Tip #3 Sunscreen

Don’t ruin your trip to the happiest place on earth with sunburn. Florida sun can burn quickly and easily. There is not a ton of shade at Magic Kingdom or Epcot so be sure to reapply as much as possible. We used the rule of thumb of reapplying after every three rides and all came back from the trip with no sunburn!

Tip #4 Fastpass, Fastpass, Fastpass

The coveted rides are for sure to have long lines no matter what time you visit Mickey Mouse and his friends. One of the best tips I have is that every attraction in Disney World is not doable in one weeks time. Plan ahead and book your Fastpass reservations either 30 or 60 days out from your trip. The new Pandora World in Animal Kingdom can get heavy lines, as does the new Toy Story Land in Hollywood Studios.

Tip #5 Arrive Early

Ropedrop is the best time to get to the park. Beat the crowds to the security line and get into the park faster. If you couldn’t get a fastpass, head to the one ride that is a “must do” in each park. Our list consists of Space Mountain in Magic Kingdom, Soarin’ in Epcot, Flight of Passage in Animal Kingdom, and Slinky Dog Dash in Hollywood Studios.

Tip #6 Pack Lightly

When we went on our trip, the four of us each had a backpack. Try to limit it just to one backpack if you can. Each time you enter a park, you will have to go through a security line. Depending on the time (lines are long before the fireworks), you may have a long wait.

There are also so many attractions be sure to plan time to go beyond Disney World.  Orlando is the vacation capital of the US and you can choose from Everglades tours to Balloon Rides to the Kennedy Space Center.  Visit 365 Tickets USA  to check for special deals and combos!

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