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From the very beginning, television shows and films have enchanted viewers. From showing us far away places, to giving us a glimpses of times gone by, movies and television can be a much needed break from our daily lives. A way to get lost in another world while still curled up at home on the comfort of our own couches. Now you can really experience them in a style larger than life on a location sightseeing tour!

FHarry Potter Universal Studio Hollyood and Orlando, movie location tours 365 Ticketsor some of us, movies and TV are a mild interest, but for a great many more of us, they are a passion.

So as you’re planning your summer escapades, consider paying homage to some of the great movies and TV shows of our time.

It’s entirely possible to plan out your very own movie and TV summer tour! Immerse yourselves in the surroundings your favorite characters experienced every day while filming. Not quite sure where to begin? Let us help you, here is our 2016 summer vacation film style guide:

Harry Potter’s World is Available on Both Coasts

The wizarding world of Harry Potter can be enjoyed in Florida and California! Whether you’re a die-hard book and movie fan, or just really love the adventurous and epic films, Universal Studios has done an excellent job of making visitors feel transported to a whole new world. Seriously though you can actually drink Butterbeer, go inside a life-size replica of Hogwarts, and take a stroll through a wizard town.

If you’ve already been to the Orlando park, consider popping over to the Hollywood park, which we’ve heard has some key differences to keep it interesting.

New York Sightseeing – Because So Many Films Are Made HereNew York City TV and Movie Location Tours 365 Tickets

OK, maybe not 80% considering Hollywood boasts higher percentages than New York City, but still – there have been, and always will be, thousands of movies and TV shows set among the famous cityscape. 

One of the best ways to explore the vast film and TV history and significance in NYC, is through a TV and movie sites tour. An example itinerary may consist of: the pub from Birdman, the original Soup Nazi of Seinfeld, the apartment from Friends, Oscorp and Daily Bugle from Spider-Man, the park featured in Glee, The Mindy Project, When Harry Met Sally, and so many others.

Visit Hollywood

This is a no brainer of course, if you love the cinema then Hollywood is your mecca. There are so many sites to see, tours to go on, theme parks to visit it can be difficult to choose! If you plan on staying for a few days, we advise getting an explorer pass, which is basically a pass that will gain you entry into multiple sites, but for a significant percentage off of each individual site.

For example, you might be able to take a Behind-the-Scenes tour, a tour of Movie Stars’ Homes, the Chinese Theatre tour, and more –  all from one pass.

Movie and TV filming locations and tours with 365 TicketsThough the Movie Came After – LEGOLAND Orlando and California

LEGOs have been a family institution for a few decades now. Regardless of the changing technology or weather patterns, LEGOs can be relied upon for a great time, which is undoubtedly why there are two LEGOLAND theme parks, and a LEGO Movie. So whether you’re a LEGO Movie fan, a LEGO fan, or both, spending a day or two at LEGOLAND is a fun way to revel in your love for the colorful building blocks.

Ireland is Calling – For Dedicated Fans of Game of Thrones

The Game of Thrones books-turned-TV series has taken the world by storm. From happiness to madness, the show makes uMovie and TV Locations Tours with 365 Ticketss feel all the feels. Without a doubt, it has some of the most beautiful backdrops of all shows ever, and one location worth visiting is Northern Ireland. So if your Summer travels are beckoning for a hop across the pond, then check out the Belfast Game of Thrones tour.

Those are some of our favorite sights and attractions to visit to celebrate and experience our favorite movies and TV shows. Naturally, it might be easier to plan a trip based around the sights in a general area – i.e. an East Coast trip, West Coast trip, etc. but hey – you could spend the Summer traveling across the country in hot pursuit of your movie kicks!

If your travels land you somewhere amazing, let us know! We’ll be happy to add new film destinations to our guide next year! Happy travels! Be sure to check out 365 Tickets USA for the most affordable prices to all the most exciting attractions.


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