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Gulliver’s Gate – See The Entire World Laid Out in The Most Endearingly Miniature Fashion

Megan Roche March 24, 2018

Forget around the world in any amount of days, you can literally visit every major world landmark of the world in just a few hours. Welcome to Gulliver’s Gate!

Getting to Gulliver’s Gate

New York City Gulliver's GateLocated right off of Broadway, Gulliver’s Gate is one of New York City’s newest attractions. The best way to describe experiencing Gulliver’s Gate is – miniature. Seriously, this is a world full of small exhibits, so small, you can see them all.

Located in Times Square, Gulliver’s Gate is well worth a visit next time you’re in New York City. The entrance ticket isn’t paper, online, or anywhere you might imagine. It cannot be downloaded or even printed.

To enter Gulliver’s Gate, you need a magical key that you are given upon redeeming your 365 Tickets Voucher. This key helps power everything from clouds and trains to lighting and effects. When you enter the main space at Gulliver’s, you are entering the booming metropolis of New York City

Perfection in Miniature

All the models are respectively built in their home countries before they are brought overseas to New York City on crates and then reassembled at the Times Square location. Gulliver’s Gate brings in expert model makers from around the world to help build these miniature landmarks that so perfectly mimic their life-size counterparts.

From the New York City exhibit, you can head to Asia to see the Great Wall of China, check out the holy city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia, see the iconic Eiffel Tower as it’s being constructed, or sit back and watch the windmills turn in the Netherlands. Be sure to look for hidden little secrets in each attraction as well! (Hint, look at the Brooklyn Bridge and you can find Spider-Man exploring New York City!)

Icons From Around the World

Gulliver’s is unique in the sense that every exhibit is miniature. The massive city that is New York took about 358 days to build. The model makers built iconic NYC landmarks like the World Trade Center’s reflecting pools, the Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center, and so much more.

Among a gift shop near the exit, guests at Gulliver’s Gate can partake in a 3D Scan to become a model citizen of Gulliver’s New York City Attraction Gulliver's GateGate. This unique experience offers guests different options.

For $44.00, you get a tiny person placed in Gulliver’s Gate in your choice of 20 different locations throughout the exhibit. You will also receive a passport that makes you an official member of Gulliver’s Gate. Small to full-size figurines are available for purchase between $130-$290.

An Interactive Experience

Your entrance key controls more than just your entrance. The entire exhibit is interactive. Take your key and plug it into one of the marked boxes at an exhibit and power things like rainstorms, helicopters, and lights. The entire world is interactive! An experience quite unlike any other.

Note – everything at Gulliver’s Gate is constantly changing if you visit more than once expect to see and interact with many new exhibits.

The latest undertaking is a miniature, full-size airport with planes taking off, landing, and taxiing. The model makers are working around the clock, many of them working where the visitors to Gulliver’s Gate can see them and interact with them.

Gulliver’s Gate will continue to add to their models, with plans to keep expanding in the special miniature fashion!

If you plan on visiting Gulliver’s Gate, visit 365 Tickets USA for discount ticket options!


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