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For many of us, Memorial Day weekend marks the beginning of summer and means three days free to adventure or vacation! Yet, Memorial Day is an important day. Every man and woman who has sacrificed their life for the greater good of our country deserve to be honored, and Memorial Day is the chance to ensure they’re honored nationally at least once per year.

The question begs – can we simultaneously enjoy our three-day weekend as a chance to travel, see new places, and have fun, while also taking the time to honor the fallen and thank them for their sacrifice? Yes. Without a doubt you can absolutely do both, and here are a few ways how:

Memorial Day 365 Tickets USAVisit Our Patriotic Capital – Washington, D.C.

Out of every destination, Washington D.C. may be one of the easiest to explore and have fun, while also paying homage to our fallen heroes. Though D.C. experiences a tourist boom in April during the National Cherry Blossom Festival, afterward hotel rates and other prices do tend to drop. Low prices and wonderful weather welcome tourists in May. We recommend visiting the Vietnam Memorial, attending the National Memorial Day Parade, and/or visiting the memorials at Arlington National Cemetery as ways to honor the fallen.

Other general activities you can add in are visiting any of the numerous museums, head to the National Zoo, and go say hi to Abraham Lincoln.  And with the Washington D.C. Explorer Pass you can visit the renowned Spy Museum and several other popular attractions!

Memorial Day 365 Tickets USAHead to Festive New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans was made for long weekends and celebrating. The entire city feels joyful, alive, and full of sensory experiences. Pay your Memorial Day dues at the National World War II Museum, which not only offers fantastic exhibits, but it commemorates the occasion with a performance by the Marine Corps Quintet on the actual day.

Throughout the rest of the weekend, you can revel in the exciting festivities and feast on scrumptious jambalaya. Some highlight attractions include:

Memorial Day 365 Tickets USAFind Desert Bliss in Palm Springs, California

Ready to wear a bikini every single day? Palm Springs is the destination for you then! Because the temperatures switch from pleasant to increasingly warm, hence the bikinis every day, the prices drop and it becomes quite affordable and fun!

For your Memorial Day celebrations, the Palm Springs Air Museum hosts the Flower Drop & Air Fair, which commemorates the crucial role of every person who fought in World War II. The flowers come into play when thousands of white and red carnations are dropped from a B-25 aircraft. It’s quite spectacular!

Relaxing and fun Palm Springs activities include:

  • Eating, eating, and more eating. Seriously, Palm Springs was made for foodies
  • Perusing the vintage shops
  • Exploring beautiful Joshua Tree National Park, where you can hike, stroll, mountain bike, and rock climb
  • Lay out poolside at any one of the incredible hotels and resorts
  • Ride the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway

365 Tickets USAHead to The Big Apple For Some Big Celebrating – New York City, New York

Memorial Day Weekend might just be the best time to explore New York City. For starters, the weather is sunny and beautiful, and the locals typically clear out, leaving the city wide open for visitors.

In New York you can experience Fleet Week at the end of the month, which is an event where participants can tour the ships docked in Manhattan and Staten Island. You can also see military demonstrations, meet some of our nation’s men and women in the U.S. Navy, Marines, and Coast Guard.

Parades in New York are simply magnificent, and on your visit, you’ll get the chance to see the Brooklyn Memorial Day Parade. The parade has been a tradition in the Bay Ridge neighborhood since 1867, and it runs along 3rd Avenue toward Marine Avenue and finishes at John Paul Jones Park with a ceremony honoring the fallen.

Our cherished ability to head to different cities to explore, kick-back, and have new experiences, is due to the freedom so many men and women have fought to protect over our nation’s history. What better time to simultaneously thank them, honor them, and demonstrate that their sacrifices have never been in vain, than over Memorial Day Weekend? Gather your loved ones, head to your destination of choice, and visit 365 Tickets USA to save money as you enjoy the three-day weekend!


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