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Off The Beaten “Theme Park” Track in Southern California at Knott’s Berry Farm

Megan Roche April 15, 2018

Southern California, the land of sunshine, sand, and thrills. A fantastic part of the country that can be visited any month of the year! Since it’s well-known and highly trafficked by vacationers, the challenge lies in avoiding the sites over packed with other visitors.  Classic attractions remain relatively crowded year round, but Southern California has much more to offer than many visitors realize. There are plenty of incredible beaches, towns, and theme parks that are less famous and, as a result, less crowded. Today we want to highlight one of our favorite theme parks in all of the West Coast, and that is Knott’s Berry Farm.

Knott’s Berry Farm is a Local Favorite

A favorite theme park among SoCal locals, Knott’s Berry Farm is considered more off-the-beaten-track when it comes to folks visiting from out of town. What’s more is the park has recently announced a slew of new rides, shows, and berry delicacies that will be available to experience throughout 2018.

As you plan your travel calendar for the year, we highly recommend a trip to Knott’s. Here is what you can look forward to at Knott’s this year:

The First Ever Dive Coast in Southern California

HangTime Coaster at Knott's Berry FarmFor fans of the most insane roller coaster thrills on Earth, HangTime, Knott’s newest coaster, won’t fall short. If you’re unfamiliar with dive coasters, they’re a specific type of roller coaster that features a straight vertical drop. So vertical, in fact, that the riders experience the feeling of free falling. HangTime will send riders up to a 15-story 96-degree drop, the steepest in all of California. Not only is the actual drop adrenaline-inducing, but the few seconds the riders are left dangling over the edge before the drop is an excruciating thrill! This same coaster also features what is known as a negative-g stall loop, which induces the sensation of floating.

Even More Ways to Eat Boysenberries

If you can’t tell from the name, Berries are now the farm + theme park got its start. Known nationwide for its delicious boysenberries, Knott’s is berry heaven. Because the berries are so popular, Knott’s is expanding its Boysenberry Festival to 24 days this year. At the festival, visitors can enjoy an array of unique boysenberry-inspired dishes, all of which will be created in-house by Knott’s culinary team.

Not only will berry desserts and savory berry dishes be available for tasting, but there will also be entertainment, music, family activities, a wine and local craft beer tasting garden, and more. The best bit is that entrance is included with the purchase of a park ticket. The Festival takes place in March and be sure to check exact dates.

Kick It With The Classic Characters

The Peanuts Gang at Knott's Berry FarmRemember the PEANUTS characters? You know, Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Linus, Lucy and the rest of the gang? Even though today we have a gazillion shows and characters, for many of us the classic characters from our childhood remain favorites. Since Knott’s embraces both old and new, it’s kicking off 2018 with the Knott’s PEANUTS Celebration. Throughout the park, there are PEANUTS inspired decor, brand new character experiences, comic strip photo ops, new edible treats, and whimsical shows. If you want to visit the ark in time for this, plan a trip this February!

Discover the Excitement of the Gold Rush

Each year the park features interactive live performances of the Wild West, Ghost Town Alive! show. The story continues from where it left off last summer, which was when the folks of Calico discovered gold inside the town mine. This year, the show picks back up, and now the everyone in the town is in the midst of Gold Rush. Be warned, while watching the show you may just be invited to become part of the action by joining the hunt with the townsfolk.

TKnott's Berry Farm Southern California Theme Parkhese are just the highlights of all that is new in 2018 at the Farm, but there’s plenty more happening throughout the year. On any given day you can enjoy a plethora of rides from calm and fun to intense and scary. Dine on traditional country food at Mrs. Knott’s Chicken Dinner Restaurant, which is always delicious. Over the summer cool off at the park’s very own water park, Knott’s Soak City.

For Kids Of All Ages

Whatever age you or your kiddos are, there is plenty to entertain and enjoy without having to battle through thick crowds. Knott’s Berry Farm feels less like a theme park and more like a family. It’s the ideal place to enjoy quality time with loved ones. You’ll have tons of fun and no stress! Especially by purchasing your entrance tickets at 365 Tickets USA, where they are always discounted! Save money, make memories, and savor every drop of vacation!


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