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Tips and Tricks to Traveling with a Las Vegas Go Card

When I travel, I always like to get the best deals that I can possibly get and still see as many sights as I can. On a recent trip to Las Vegas, I purchased a Las Vegas Go Card at 365Tickets USA and I found some tips and tricks that were useful that I want to pass on to you!

Tip 1: Pay Attention to the Guide Book

Each Las Vegas Go Card comes with a guide book and it’s one of the best tools I used when I was visiting. Each attraction included on the card has it’s own page in the book where you will find information on hours of operation, parking, advance reservation, phone numbers and addresses. Please pay attention to this book…it will save you much aggravation if you know that certain attractions require advance reservations or have entrance time restrictions.

Tip 2: Check Showtimes Before You Arrive

One of the reasons that my friends and I bought the Las Vegas Go Card was for the premium attractions. Our first choice attraction was tickets to the Beatles Love Cirque du Soleil show. When we arrived to exchange our card for tickets to the show, we found out the show was on vacation for two weeks, one of those nights being the night we wanted to see the show. Before you buy anything, always check the show schedules in advance. We were all pretty bummed when we couldn’t go see the show.

Tip 3: Have a Plan

On our first day in Las Vegas, we pretty much just walked up and down the strip to get the lay of the land. During that first day, we didn’t have much of an idea of the things we wanted to do or the places we wanted to visit. I urge you to have an idea of a must do for each person you are traveling with. My must do was a trip to the famous Welcome to Las Vegas sign which we knocked out the first day when we were wandering about the strip. Learn where certain things are and take care of them when you are in that specific area.

Tip 4: Night in Las Vegas

Trust me, Las Vegas comes alive at night and you’ll find there is plenty to do along the strip that you didn’t even know existed. One of those fun nighttime experiences for me was the Fly Linq Zipline. Where else can you zipline down the Las Vegas strip? Throw in the Vegas lights and the sounds of a city that doesn’t sleep and you’ll end up with quite the adrenaline rush. Plan for some fun things to do at night while you are there. I recommend saving the observation towers and ziplining for the evening where you will get a much more picturesque view.

Overall, the Las Vegas Go Card was a smart way for my friends and I to travel. We didn’t have to worry about having enough money for attractions because they were already included and there was still so much that we didn’t get to do on the cards, simply because we ran out of the time to do them.

Ready to get your experience booked for Las Vegas? Head over to 365Tickets USA to start the booking process today.


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