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iDrive NASCAR Orlando Fulfills Your Need for Speed!

Megan Roche February 2, 2019

While Florida may be known for its sunshine, sometimes there can be a few days where it rains. Looking for an indoor activity that is good for all ages? Maybe there is some underlying competitive spirit in the family? Take on all the fun that’s to be had at iDrive NASCAR in Orlando.

More Than Just Racing at iDrive NASCAR

iDrive NASCAR is adrenaline pumping from the moment you step in the door. Don’t worry though, it’s not all about go kart racing here. At iDrive NASCAR, you’ll also find arcade games, a four-lane bowling alley, three pool tables, a full bar and restaurant, all placed strategically around the track.

Of course, let’s get down to the karts! The go karts are 45 MPH electric vehicles and the course is pretty insane.

You’ll find hairpin and S curves, all while a loud soundtrack plays in the background. There are a few key items to remember.

Some Strict Rules

The team at iDrive NASCAR has strict policies in place in regard to rider’s height. All riders must be at least 55 inches tall. All riders also must sign a waiver, regardless of age.

iDrive NASCAR also has strict rules as far as clothing and shoes that are acceptable should you choose to drive. All riders must be wearing closed toe shoes. Anyone who shows up in high heels, flip flops, sandals or slides will not be permitted to drive. The team does offer shoe rentals and no skirts are allowed while racing.

Learn the Flags

Since these karts do go fast, riders will need to know the flag colors and what they mean. If the flag being waved is green, go. If you see a yellow flag, slow down and use caution. If there is a blue flag with a yellow stripe, move over. Once the red flag waves, you must stop. A checkered flag means the race is over. However, if you receive a black flag, you’ve got a penalty and you must see a go-kart attendant immediately.

iDrive Go Kart Racing Orlando AttractionAll that racing making you hungry? Take a pit stop (see what we did there!) at the Grandstand Restaurant.

The dining facility looks directly out over the track, so you won’t be too far from all the action. You’ll find classics like chicken wings, burgers, pizza, and ice cream all available at the restaurant.

Check Out All These Games

If racing isn’t your thing, no worries! The arcade is home to over 60 different games from skee ball to crane games. All the games run off digital cards that can be purchased and reloaded throughout the arcade. For even more fun, there is a four lane bowling alley and three pool tables on site.

Ready to race? iDrive NASCAR Orlando is open Sunday through Thursday from 12:00 PM to 10:00 PM and Friday and Saturday from 11:00 AM to 12:00 AM. For tickets and combo deals, be sure to head over to 365 Tickets USA.

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