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You might be asking, who is M.C. Escher and why is there an Escher Exhibit in New York City? If you are into art or pop culture, you’ll probably recognize art if not the name.

Who is M.C. Escher?

Born on June 1898, in Leeuwarden, Netherlands, Maurits Cornelis Escher developed a distinctive style that focused on orientation and space. He was influenced by Moorish designs where the tile work and interlocking patterns inspired many of his more well known pieces.

Escher Exhibit in New YorkCityMuch of his work focused on tessellation (when a surface is covered with a pattern of flat shapes so that there are no overlaps or gaps) and repeating patterns, often featuring overlapping, interlocked images morphing into something else, as seen in his “Metamorphosis” and “Development” series.

Where to See the Escher Exhibit

Escher NYC is located in Brooklyn just blocks from mass transit. Escher can be accessed by taking the D, N or R subway. There is also a ferry that can take you from Manhattan to the area or you can rent a CitiBike. There is also a parking lot should you want to rent a car and drive to the exhibition.

What To Expect

The exhibition is not like walking through an art gallery, but is more of an experience with art in a new way. MC Escher’s pieces are very experiential. When you first arrive at the exhibition, there is a short video of Escher’s life and his influences.

As you enter the exhibition, you’ll find that Escher was very into mathematical art. Through his work with tessellations, he created works with optical illusions and perception. While these images don’t make sense in our world, they worExcher Exhibit New York - 365 Ticketsk on paper to give us different perceptions into his art.

While in the exhibition, you can get lost in the mathematical forms of art that Escher created. While the museum is fun, there is also an educational component as well. When you enter the mirrored room, guests are exploring the concept of infinity. In the relativity room, guests can appear taller or smaller depending on which corner of the room they stand in which teaches visitors about the concept of perception.

Escher Mania

Escher’s name may not be well known to the average person, but when you enter the Escher Mania portion of the gallery, suddenly the pop culture aspect that he created may ring a bell or two. His pieces have appeared in The Night at the Museum, the iconic Relativity staircase piece makes appearances in Labyrinth and Inception. His work has also appeared in films, fashion, music, and advertising.

The average experience takes guests about an hour to go through. Photography is allowed in the museum as the crew really wants guests to remember what they have seen and they highly encourage guests to share their photos to the exhibitions social media accounts. There is no food or beverage allowed in the physical galleries though.

Thinking you may want to experience this mind bending art? Head over to 365 Tickets USA for your tickets to Escher: The Exhibition.