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Educational and Exciting: 3 Fun Ways to Learn About History

amandad December 6, 2019

As the popular saying goes, “those who don’t learn history are destined to repeat it.” However, some people find the process of learning about important historical events to be quite boring, especially when it involves reading textbooks or attending lengthy lectures. Luckily, there are many ways to learn about and experience history that aren’t quite so dull. Below are a few fun ways to learn about history and experience the past in a new and exciting light.

Take a trip to a museum

In addition to sparking conversation and creativity, taking a trip to the museum can be an extremely fun way to learn about history. Museums offer visitors a firsthand look at primary sources and historical artifacts, enabling them to visualize moments in history with a clarity they would not otherwise experience. Many museums, such as the Alcatraz East Crime Museum, focus their exhibits around a specific period, location, or historical event. They allow visitors the chance to interact with the exhibits in various immersive ways. At the Alcatraz East Crime Museum, for example, visitors can test their safe-cracking skills, measure their stress on a lie detector test, and experience a high-speed police chase on an interactive simulator. For more information about the interactive learning opportunities offered or to purchase Alcatraz museum tickets, click here.

Partake in a reenactment

Sometimes the best way to experience a historical moment is to step into the shoes of someone who lived during that time. Historical reenactments are a very popular pastime and allow participants the chance to experience moments in history firsthand. You’ll be able to slip into period-specific garb, partake in popular hobbies and professions, and you may even get a chance to sample common dishes of the time. Many reenactment events will also feature music and dancing that was popular during the period. It may also feature speeches delivered by iconic historical figures.

Trace your ancestry

Education is always more interesting when it has a personal connection. Tracing your family’s genealogy will allow you a look into the lives of your ancestors and provide insight into what life was like during a specific period in history. There are many organizations and websites designed to help you trace your genealogy, such as Ancestry.com. Utilizing their vast database, you’ll be able to trace your family’s history back through the decades and possibly uncover intriguing information along the way. Other genealogy services can even test a sample of your DNA to further trace your family’s history. These services can specify which regions or countries your ancestors may have hailed from.