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Dive In! Four Great Reasons to Visit the Shedd Aquarium

dinoc September 25, 2019

Located on Chicago’s Northerly Island, the Shedd Aquarium is an ocean paradise that resides on the shores of Lake Michigan. This Chicago attraction is a great getaway for children and adults alike and a fantastic way to spend your day in the Windy City. Dive into your next great adventure with our guide to four great reasons to visit the Shedd Aquarium.

Spectacular shows

Perhaps one of the best reasons to visit the Shedd Aquarium is the energetic live performances offered daily. The Shedd offers aquatic presentations several times throughout the day and often focus on themes of animal anatomy and wildlife conservation. However, these performances are far from boring. Hosted in the Abbott Oceanarium, these performances feature beluga whales and Pacific white-sided dolphins, soaring through the air and offering an insight into their life in the wild. Other animals, such as seals and penguins, often make guest appearances at these shows as well. Tickets to these shows are free with the purchase of a general admission ticket, and guest can redeem them at any of the kiosks in the front lobby.

Educational exhibits

Conservation and wildlife preservation is a major focus at the Shedd Aquarium, and many of the exhibits reflect this mission. The expertly designed exhibits not only display the splendor of aquatic life but also stress the importance of preserving these beautiful habitats.

In the Amazon Rising exhibit, guests will learn about the people who call the Amazon their home and the climate that makes this location so unique. At the Wild Reef exhibit, visitors can view the vibrant colors and beautiful fish while learning about the Shedd Aquarium’s conservation efforts. Guests will get an inside look into the work the Shedd team has done to help restore coral reefs around the world. Further, the Waters of the World exhibit allows guests to travel the globe and meet exotic creatures. Everyone can then head back home to meet more local aquatic residents in the At Home on the Great Lakes gallery.

Interactive experiences

Looking to get up close and personal with some of the ocean’s friendlier critters? Luckily, at several different animal encounters throughout the aquarium, you can do just that. Experts host animal chats in multiple exhibits and allow guests to ask questions about their favorite aquatic creatures. Many guests gather to converse with a diver as they feed the animals in the Caribbean Reef exhibit, and then travel to the Wild Reef exhibit to learn more about sharks. Visitors can also interact with some of the friendlier aquarium residents at the stingray, sea star, or sturgeon touch tanks. Exclusive experiences, such as a beluga, otter, or penguin encounters are also available.

Exciting events

In addition to the many eye-catching exhibits in the building, the Shedd Aquarium frequently hosts exciting events throughout the Chicagoland area. They offer live music events, such as Jazzin’ at the Shedd and often host a lineup of top Chicago bands during the year. The Shedd also offers yoga classes twice a month. Here, guests can align their chakras alongside the calming presence of the aquarium’s exhibits. Youth centered programs are also available, including Asleep with the Fishes, where children can spend the night in the aquarium. Kids love snuggling up alongside aquatic exhibits and drifting off to dreamland with visions of sea stars dancing in their head.

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