Savor the the Sweet Essence of Spring in the City of Love

“I love Paris in the Springtime….”

Famous words by the legendary Ella Fitzgerald herself. Paris is a city that has inspired thousands of artists who’ve written books, songs, and films about its essence and beauty. It’s the kind of city that transforms it’s beauty each season to fit the weather and vibe, but it’s a universal fact that Paris is simply spectacular in Spring.

Once the winter clouds lift, the days become a bit longer, and the blossoms begin to bloom, Paris is truly a sight to behold. Strolling through the city streets, you’ll be greeted with pavement cafes, Parisians watering their potted plants on balconies and porches, families and lovers picnicking, and fashionably clad ladies biking about town.

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A lightness of being, a freshness in the air, and an ambiance that simply cannot merely be described with words – this is Paris in the Spring. This is the time to visit the iconic city. Paris in the Spring is like fireworks on the 4th of July – something not to be missed.

Whip out your passport, pack your bags, wrap a scarf around your neck, place a pipe in your front chest pocket, and slip those Coco Chanel shades on. Hail a taxi to the nearest airport, and come along for the ride as we take through the sites of Paris in the Spring.

Once the Plane Has Landed…

Your plane has landed and it’s time for some quick Parisian refreshments, you’ve got to refuel the tank before sightseeing, so to speak. Pop into any classic Parisian cafe, sit with your espresso and macarons, and contemplate the great artists that did the very same thing, maybe even in the exact same spot.

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Le Tour Eiffel

Obviously one cannot travel all the way to Paris, without seeing one of the most iconic landmarks in the entire world. For over 120 years, the Eiffel Tower has been the stage for numerous historical, cultural, and sporting events. You can purchase a ticket to go to the top, or simply stand beneath it, reveling in it’s beauty and ode to humanity’s finest moments. Oh, don’t forget to go back for round two once nightfall hits, there are few things more beautiful than the Eiffel Tower sparkling with lights against the night sky. Maybe pop a little bubbly and savor some crepes as you savor the magical moment.

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Stroll Along the Seine

The Seine is like the vein of Paris – it carries the soul and life energy of the city throughout. There are so many wonderful ways to take in the Seine. You can cruise down the Seine on a tour boat, or on a luxurious dinner cruise. You can simply stroll along the banks of the Seine, or ride bicycles past. Whichever way floats your boat, no pun intended.

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Douse Yourselves in Art

Paris might be one of the most artistic cities in the entire world. There are so many museums it would take you years to see them all! For the sake of time, a classic recommendation would be the Louvre Museum, which of course is enormous and one cannot expect to see even see that museum entirely. Once inside the Louvre, say hello to the friendly or unfriendly, depends on your perspective, Mona Lisa.

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Adults Only, S’il Vous Plait

A trip to Paris isn’t complete without taking a show at the infamous Moulin Rouge. Immortalized by Toulouse Lautrec in his posters for the shows and paintings of dancing girls, the instantly recognizable and iconic Moulin Rouge building symbolizes the excitement of Parisian nightlife. The show features four spectacular scenes in which the dancers dance in exotic feathered and sequined costumes. Of course, the famous Dorris girls dance the legendary French Cancan. This is an event that requires advance purchase of tickets, due to it’s immense popularity.

Ah Mon Chéri, we shall leave the rest of Parisian adventure up to you. There’s a never ending supply of excitement, art, culture, cuisine, and sights to see. Pack your sunshine-filled days with one activity after the next, or, take it nice and slow. Wander through the city streets, learn a few French phrases, and become as joyful and present as the Parisians. That’s the essence of Paris – enjoying and savoring each and every moment of life. As you plan out your journey, visit 365 Tickets to view every attraction and experience available! Bon Voyage!

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