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You Might Just Get Pinched if You Don’t Hightail it to Ireland… Soon!

There are holidays, and then there’s St. Patrick’s Day. Why do we love the rowdy, green-obsessed Irish holiday?

Because what’s not to love?! The Irish have always drawn people in with their quaint and classical pubs, Guinness beer, and welcoming attitudes. St. Patrick’s Day is basically an excuse to pretend to be Irish for a day, drink lots of beer (for those of age of course), and have a few laughs with those nearest and dearest, all the while wearing plenty of green.

Now, if you really love St. Patrick’s Day, you’ve got to experience in Ireland, at least once in your lifetime. Have you been to an epic St. Patrick’s Day parade, or two, over the years? Awesome. Now multiply that experience times 10 in your head. Yes, that’s what the green shebang is like on the actual Emerald Isle.

Perhaps you’re already headed to Ireland for the event this year! Or maybe we’ve inspired you to book a ticket ASAP. We hope you do take a trip across the pond because trust us, it’ll be well worth your while! Few destinations are as naturally spectacular, culturally stimulating, and wonderful as Ireland. Here are a few sights and attractions throughout the Emerald Isle we highly recommend visiting on your trip!

Get Around Town With a Bit of History – Hop on Hop Off Tours

If you have a few days or even just a day, in Dublin, a great way to get around and learn about the history and cultural attractions is to go on a Hop on Hop Off Tour. No need to plan this too far ahead, the tour buses operate daily and are super easy to spot/find. Each tour bus offers live, informative commentary from the knowledgeable local bus drivers. The buses are two stories with the top story open for better viewing. Hop on and off at any time – as the name suggests – at any one of the 33 stops. You can hop off, see a few sights, and then make your way to another stop and hop back on. If you discover any sites you;d like to spend more time at, you can always make a mental note to return the following day!

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Guinness Storehouse

An absolute must if you want to learn all about the classic Irish beer! Easy to get to in the heart of the Guinness Brewery at St. James Gate in Dublin, the Storehouse is one of Ireland’s top visitor attractions. Housed in an old fermentation plant, the seven-storey visitor experience tells the story of the world famous beer, and boy is it quite the store! Guinness’s roots go back over 250 years ago, plenty of time to learn about it all as you drink a few rounds. Oh, and while you drink you’ll be treated to 360-degree views of Dublin. Definitely, take a trip to the Guinness Storehouse while in Dublin!

Jameson Whiskey Tour

Keeping in line with the Irish alcohol theme, let’s talk about Irish whiskey. It’s delicious, and an integral part of the Irish heritage and culture and Jameson is the most iconic! There are two different Jameson distilleries you can choose from, one in Dublin, or the location in Cork. At either location, there are a variety of tours you can choose from, but not matter which tour you’re on or which location you’ve chosen, the key is to taste the whiskey!

The Titanic Experience

You may be wondering what the Titanic has to do with Ireland… well, it was made in Ireland! Oh yes, the Titanic was built in Belfast, Ireland, alongside many other impressive sea liners, all constructed by the iconic Harland and Wolff. The Titanic “Experience” as it’s called, has only been open since 2012, 100 years after the fateful sinking. As you explore the six-storied building, you’ll wander through interpretive and interactive galleries, take in the sights, sounds, and stories of the Titanic, and get a glimpse of the city and people who made her. The “experience” has been awarded quite a few accolades and is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the world. Definitely worth a visit if you’re stopping in Belfast.

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To Just See it All (in Dublin) Get the Dublin Pass

Ireland may not be the largest of countries, but it’s dense with both cultural and natural attractions. The city of Dublin is no exception, and it may seem challenging to get to all of the attractions – and expensive! A great option is to get the Dublin Pass, which, after the initial cost of purchasing, gets you into over 30 of Dublin’s top attractions.

Whatever tours, sights, or activities you choose to do and see, we know you’ll have an epic time! Who knows, perhaps after all of the St. Patrick’s Day celebrating you won’t even want to sightsee, ha – ha! Just kidding, we’re sure you will, but Ireland is also a great place to relax, visit a castle or two, and retreat into a pub for the rest of the day/evening. No matter what, enjoy your time, drink a few pints for us, take plenty of pictures, and make lifelong memories!

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