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Family Coming to Town? No Sweat, Create an Incredible Sightseeing Tour With Ease

365 Tickets

“In two weeks? Ok, sounds great, can’t wait to see you!”

Yes, you love your family, everyone from Aunt Sally to cousin Gwen, and even twice removed second cousin Bob. When they only give you two weeks notice that they’re coming in town for a visit… well, then you may start to fret about what exactly you’re going to do with them. Relax! It’ll be a breeze, you’ve got an entire city filled with entertainment just waiting for you and your family.

Think back, when was the last time you took in the sights in and around your city? What! Ten years ago?! Well then thank goodness the family is coming to visit, because you’re just about due for a good time out on the town!

Visits from relatives offer the perfect opportunity to both play tour guide and tourist. Sure, you may drive past, ride past, or walk past the Empire State Building everyday, but have you gone all the way to the top of the observatory recently?

You’ve been living in Boston for nearly five years now, yet you’ve never seen it from the water! Well then it’s high time you took a Spirit of Boston lunch or dinner cruise around the Boston Harbor and get a whole look at your beautiful city.

365 Tickets

Every time you see people whiz by on segways, part of you has been secretly envious. Turns out Grandma wants to see as many sights as possible but doesn’t want to walk… Washington D.C. National Mall Segway Tour here you come!

Eating fresh caught harbor oysters, feeding the ducks in Central Park, taking pictures outside the White House gates, those are all classic activities that your family will absolutely love, and we’re betting you will too.

Once evening time rolls around, there’s an entire new list of memorable excursions to take and shows to enjoy. Though you may hear about it, see billboards for them, even listen to reviews of them on the radio, it’s been awhile since you donned your fanciest winter coat and took your family out for a night on Broadway! The Phantom of the Opera is playing while your family is visiting – what a magical evening it will be!

Every movie featuring New York City that takes place during the holidays features the same scene – picturesque ice skaters whirring gently around the beautifully Wollman Rink in Central Park. Well, guess what?! Your family will be here just in time to experience this for themselves first hand.

Whether in town for a weekend, a week, or an extended stay, there’s plenty to do and see once you put your mind to it! For ticket purchases, or more ideas on what attractions are nearby, 365TicketsUSA is a great resource to utilize.

365 Tickets

If you intend on going all out and showing your family as many sites as possible, it’s always smart to look into getting a Citypass. These are available in many cities such as New York, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Seattle and Boston and help save time and money during your sightseeing.

Now that you’ve got all the resources you need, you can begin to develop the perfect itinerary just in time for the arrival of your loved ones. Happy touring, and have a magical new year!

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