NYC Labor Day

Adventure Through, Around, and Above the City Where Labor Day Was Born This September

How much do we know about Labor Day? Of course, we all love having the day off and the three-day weekend that comes with it, but why is there a Labor Day at all? To celebrate the hardworking Americans that enable our country to prosper, of course!

The very first, ever, Labor Day holiday was celebrated on Tuesday, September 5, 1882, in New York City. This fantastic holiday has been in effect for well over 100 years. This could be the year you not only celebrate Labor Day but celebrate it in the city where it began! There are so many enjoyable ways to celebrate a three-day weekend in New York City; we’ll share with you a few of our favorites:

Cruise Around New York City in an Iconic Water Taxi

An immensely fun way to see New York City is from the water. You can buy an all-day ticket or even a two-day ticket, and cruise around the harbor checking-out sites such as the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, and the city’s skyline.

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Get a Real Slice of Brooklyn

Proud Brooklyn native Tony Muia heard one too many complaints from tourists of not being able to find good pizza in Manhattan. To help solve this problem and show people around his beloved hometown, Tony started A Slice of Brooklyn Pizza Tour, which highlights the yummy pizzerias, landmarks, movie locations, and points of interest that make Brooklyn famous.

Go on an Epic Urban Adventure

New York City has been described as an urban playground because there are thousands of little adventures waiting to be had around every corner. To experience one or more of the city’s expected, and unexpected, adventures, book a tour with Urban Adventure, a company that organizes small-group guided tours led by New York locals.

Get Up Close and Personal With Celebrities

From Madonna to Lady Gaga, the wax statues at Madame Tussauds in New York City are so lifelike it’s hard to believe they aren’t real. The wax figures range from modern stars to stars of previous generations. All ages in your group will be able to enjoy!

NYC Labor Day

High Above the Skyscrapers

Another spectacular way to see New York City is from above. If you’ve never done a helicopter tour in any destination, New York City is a great city to enjoy the experience. You’ll feel completely exhilarated as you rise above the famous city and whiz your way around the city seeing more than you can possibly imagine.

Feast Your Eyes on Nature’s Beauty

Unbeknownst to many, New York harbors a delightful botanical garden. While everyone else is distracted by New York City’s many other incredible attractions, you can make a trip to enjoy the endless array of plants and flowers. Meander through the largest botanical garden in any U.S. city – a whopping 250 acres. The New York Botanic Garden is also National Historic Landmark.

Get to Know New York From The Ground Up

Are you in the mood to get to know New York City on a deeper level? To see the city through the eyes of a local? To discover the hidden gems, the nooks, and the crannies? Walks of New York is tour company that wants you to travel slow. They want to take you on a walking tour where you’ll be shown the city from the ground up, getting to see the various ingredients that combine to make NYC, well, NYC.

There’s no right or wrong way to spend your Labor Day weekend, and there’s certainly no right or wrong way to explore New York City. It might be a fun change of pace this year to head to the Big Apple for a few days to honor the city where the appreciation of our nation’s hard-working individuals all began. To enjoy any of the above activities, and many more, head to 365 Tickets USA for all your discount attraction ticket needs!

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