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3 Invaluable Steps to Ensure a Stress Free Family Vacation This Summer

We’re in the middle of Spring break, and Summer vacation is right around the corner, which means it is time to start planning the family vacation!

Family vacation = memories that last a lifetime, and hopefully good memories. Happy memories.

Most adults can probably reminisce on their past family vacations and remember one or two experiences that didn’t go too well, and didn’t result in happy memories.

Typically this arises from honest mistakes, misunderstandings, and a lack of the necessary information.

So, in preparation for family vacation fun this season, take a look at some of our family vacation best practices 2016 edition:

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Make Sure Your Accommodations Are Actually Close to the Sights

This can be an epic disaster of dealing with way more logistics than anyone should have to, especially while on vacation.

Hotels have a way of wording things strategically when describing how close they are in relation to the attractions. So, rather than ending up in a hotel 30-40 miles away from every New York icon, for example, that your family is excited to go see, and have to deal with directions, parking, or expensive cab rides, dig a little deeper to book a hotel right around the corner.

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Book Your Tickets in Advance

It’s easy to think that certain attractions won’t sell out, i.e. Zoo Miami, entertainment cruises, theme parks like Universal Hollywood, etc., but trust us, they might and many will.

Even if you’re planning a vacation last minute, it’s a good practice to check out which attractions you’ll want to see, and if tickets are available, before booking your accommodations. If you’re planning in advance, then this is even simpler. As life gets chaotic and our to-do lists are ever-growing, it’s easy to put something as simple as securing tickets on the back-burner, but do yourself and your future family memories a favor and reserve your tickets ahead of time!

Multi-Day Passes Are Your Best Friend

How many of us have been on a trip where we paid a significant amount of money for a one-day ticket to a theme park such as Disneyland, and spent the entire day completely stressed rushing around trying to do-it-all from sunup to sundown?

Right, most of us then. Why spend all the time, money, and other resources required to take a vacation, just to be stressed out the entire time? One of the easiest ways to ensure relaxation is to purchase multi-day passes for one or more or your top-of-the-list attractions.  For example, 365 Tickets USA offers a LEGOLAND Florida Resort multi-day pass (valid for up to 14 days) that also includes a free trip to the Kennedy Space Center. If LEGOLAND is an attraction your kids are vying to see, then you can plan on going for a few days, maybe only staying half the day or less each time. Taking your time, no running to the next ride, no arguing about what to do next. Just calm entertainment. Yes. Now you’re on vacation.

365 Tickets USA

So there you have it, three excellent practices to help make this family vacation one for the books. For all of your discounted ticket needs, look no further than 365 Tickets USA, a company dedicated to relaxed, stress-free, and affordable family vacations.

It’s your vacation, and you should have it your way! Let us know any vacation preparation tips you’ve found invaluable!

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